National Indigenous Peoples Day

Today is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, and a day which has been celebrated by Indigenous Peoples for thousands of years. In Canada we celebrate not only the solstice today, but also the legacy and traditions of the Indigenous Peoples. Unfortunately with the continuing concerns of COVID-19 there are not as many local events we can go to this year. However, there are many ways you can still celebrate today in solidarity with our Indigenous brothers and sisters. This year the day is all the more important given the recent discovery in Kamloops which has re-awoken us to the realities of our shared history and re-ignited our desire to live and learn together better.

In addition to the marketplace advertised above, The Healing of the Seven Generations has many more events and initiatives you can check out on their website and facebook page.

The Federal Government of Canada has also created a webpage for this day which includes many education resources, as well as an activity booklet for celebrating with your children. You can visit their website and download the booklet using the links below.

Finally, we invite you to check out APTN’s Indigenous Peoples Day Live performance, featuring many of Turtle Island’s established and emerging Indigenous artists in a new and creative way. The event is broadcast on APTN today from 2:30 – 6pm, or visit their website to stream it for free until June 22.