One Heart One Soul Campaign

The future of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church is filled with hope. Hope that our parish’s current members will continue to be a foundation of faith that allows the parish to thrive. Hope that we can bring more to Christ through our efforts to reach out to family, friends and neighbours.

And hope that we can unite to meet not only the needs of our parish but those of our wider community. The One Heart, One Soul Campaign gives us an avenue to pursue these hopes and to brighten the future of the parish, as well as to contribute to important diocesan ministries.

“The One Heart, One Soul Campaign allows us here at St. Francis to put our mission statement into action in two ways. One, by being good stewards of our parish church, ensuring it is cared for and well maintained. Two, by sharing, from the abundance God has bestowed on us, with others who are in need outside of our parish. May Saint Francis always inspire us!”
Pastor of St. Francis of Assisi

Listen as Bishop Crosby Introduces the One Heart One Soul Campaign
Join Fr. Murray & Fr. Raphael
as they tell us about the
St. Francis Campaign

What is our Goal?

PARISH GOAL: $300,000

For parish campaign projects: $225,000 (75% of Parish Goal)
For Diocesan Projects & Parishes in Need: $75,000 (10% & 15% of Parish Goal)

Goal: $300,000


As of June 4th you have pledged
a total of $350,464!

Words cannot express our gratitude for your generosity in our One Heart, One Soul Campaign.

So we present to you our HAPPY DANCE!

~ Fr. Raph C.R. and Fr. Murray C.R.

What are our Campaign Projects?

How easy it is to overlook something so basic as lighting! In order to fully enjoy Mass, it’s important to stay on top of this simple requirement so that we all are able to read prayer books and hymnals. The improvements will involve significant lighting updates such as emergency lighting, lighting in the main body of the church and the choir loft, along with parish hall lighting. Upgrading to LED lights will greatly decrease future energy costs while significantly increasing church lighting. Expert opinions from electricians and our building manager indicate that once these lighting improvements are made, all of the flaws in the walls would be very visible. These experts have told us that people would not be happy with this, so painting has become a priority. In order to be financially responsible, the church and vestibule will be repainted while the lighting work is done so as to incur costs such as moving pews and bringing in heavy equipment once only.

Below are pictures of some of the paint damage
that will be much more visible with improved lighting.

The three washrooms in the church building are in need of updating. Campaign funds will be used for completing badly-needed repairs such as replacing outdated sinks, toilets, other fixtures and countertops.

The financial situation at St. Francis is strong, and it’s important that we keep it that way. Money on deposit with the Diocese of Hamilton allowed us to pay for our beautiful new statue of St. Francis of Assisi along with the concrete pathways around the statue. Campaign funds will be used to replenish those reserves.

Another Resurrectionist parish in our community takes on the enormous task of reaching out and ministering to the homeless and disenfranchised of Kitchener. That parish – St. Mary’s in downtown Kitchener – is using One Heart, One Soul funds to build up this vital ministry. We want to show our support for their social outreach through a donation to St. Mary’s from our campaign funds.

Our 1st Campaign Project to be completed is our $20,000 donation in support of St. Mary’s Parish Outreach! Thank you to everyone for your generous pledges and for the monies already received. This week we presented Fr. Toby with $20,000 to use towards the St. Mary’s Outreach Programs, including Tiny Home Takeout and A Better Tent City. Together we are responding to the cry of the poor and truly being a “Christ-centred faith community seeking to be instruments of God’s peace.”         Thank you!

Such as with donating to the St. Mary’s Parish social outreach, it is a priority that St. Francis contribute to important projects in the wider Catholic community. Those important projects include the renovation of the chapel at St. Mary’s General Hospital in Kitchener.

Our 2nd Campaign Project to be completed is our $20,000 donation in support of
St. Mary’s Hospital Chapel Renovations!
This week we presented Fr. Sam and the Hospital Foundation with $20,000 to use towards the St. Mary’s Hospital Chapel Renovation. Your donations are helping to provide a quiet, safe space where people can find strength in their faith during the most difficult times of their lives.         Thank you!

How can you Participate?

You will be receiving a package in the mail outlining the campaign and how to participate. Each family is asked to prayerfully consider how much you can contribute and make a commitment using the pledge card included in your package. The pledge is for the next three years; we are not asking you to make a full donation right away but to commit to giving for the next three years.

You may also receive a call from one of our Campaign Ambassadors; these are parishioners like yourself and parish staff. We will be calling as many of you as we can to answer questions and help you fill out the pledge card if you need it.


If you do not receive a call by March 1st and you have questions please phone or email the parish, or 519-745-7301. You may also find the answers on the Diocesan Frequently Asked Questions or Campaign webpages: