2022 / 2023 Sacrament Registration:

If your child is entering Grade 2 or 7 in September 2022, and they wish to receive the Sacraments of 1st Eucharist / 1st Reconciliation or Confirmation you can register using the links below.  Please click the appropriate link, fill out the paperwork and either email it to our Parish Minister Ruthann Fisher ( or print it out and put it through the mail slot in the Parish Office door.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ruthann through her email (above) or by calling the Parish Office Monday – Thursday, 519-745-7301.

Correspondence Course – for public school students

Children attending a public school need to complete a Correspondence Program run by the Diocese. You will work through the program at home with your child.  To register for this course click here, or call 905-528-7988 and speak with Sybil at extension 2339 or email


We are always excited to welcome new parishioners into St. Francis of Assisi Parish. Communal Baptisms are celebrated during weekend Masses each month, except during Advent and Lent. If you have a child age six or younger that you wish to have Baptized into our Catholic Faith Community please fill out the Baptism Registration Form, and call the Parish Office to schedule an appointment with Ruthann Fisher, our Pastoral Associate.

If your child is age seven or older, please see the RCIC section below.
If you are an adult wanting to be Baptized into the Catholic Faith, please see the RCIA section below.

RCIC: Rite of Christian Initiation of Children (Youth)

We are always happy to welcome new children and youth into the Catholic Faith and the St. Francis Community! If your child has never been baptized in any Christian Church and they are seven years old or older, and they wish to become Catholic, they will go through the RCIC program. The program is not difficult, and basically involves teaching your child about the Catholic Church and the sacraments they will be receiving. The program is offered on an as-needed basis, and we try to be flexible and work with times that suit your child’s needs. For more information or to begin the program, please contact Ruthann at the Parish Office.

If your child has been baptized into a Christian Faith, but now wishes to join the Roman Catholic Church, we are happy to welcome them into the St. Francis community. The process for this depends on each particular situation; please contact Ruthann at the Parish Office for more information.

RCIA: Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Are you an adult who wants to be baptized into the Catholic Church? We would love to guide you along this journey and welcome you into the St. Francis Parish Community. An RCIA program is being offered at St. Francis in conjunction with St. Mary’s Parish this fall 2021. Meetings will be each Sunday at 1pm, some in person and some virtual depending on the pandemic situation. Once the program is completed you will receive Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion during one of the most beautiful Masses of the Catholic Liturgical Year: the Easter Vigil. For more information or to begin the program please contact Fr. Raphael Ma, C.R. at the Parish Office, 519-745-7301.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available to all Catholics by calling the Parish Office for an appointment.

If you are planning to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, or just want to spend 5 minutes reflecting on ways you can make yourself ready, please feel free to use the following Examination of Conscience.

First Reconciliation is offered for children age seven or in grade two. This year we will celebrate this sacrament in Lent of 2023, date to be announced. Please note, if your child wants to receive First Communion, they must first go through the First Reconciliation education program. Please fill out the 1st Communion Registration form that can be found at the top of this page.

First Communion

The Sacrament of First Communion is offered for children age seven or in grade two. This year we will celebrate this sacrament in April/May of 2023, date to be announced. Please fill out the 1st Communion Registration form that can be found at the top of this page.


The Sacrament of Confirmation is offered at St. Francis Parish for youth age twelve or in grade seven. Confirmation allows Catholics to confirm their commitment to the Faith that was made for them when they were Baptized. This year we will celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation in May 2023, but classes begin this Fall 2022, so if you would like to be confirmed please fill out the Confirmation Registration Form at the top of this page.


At St. Francis of Assisi Parish we would love to celebrate your wedding with you! Marriage is an important decision, and we are so glad that your Catholic Faith has prompted you to choose the Sacrament of Christian Marriage. Please contact the Parish Office and we will be happy to begin preparation with you.

Sacrament of the Sick

In the Catholic Church there used to be a sacrament called the Last Rites. This sacrament has been changed to the Sacrament of the Sick, and can be offered to anyone who is suffering illness of any kind. The purpose is to pray for healing, but also to give the recipient “food for the journey” in the case that they are called home to God. For more information on this beautiful sacrament, please read the Sacrament of the Sick Information Booklet.

If you or a loved one would like to receive the sacrament at any time, please call the Parish Office and we will arrange a time for you to receive the sacrament.