Tour de France: Evangelization on Two Wheels

Word on Fire Archives - Word on FireManny Marquez is a writer for the Word on Fire blog.

In his blog yesterday he wrote that while watching the Tour de France broadcast he was moved to tears when an announcer referenced the Lady of Salette sanctuary along the race route.  Find out what moved Mr. Marquez in this way and learn about the connection between the discipline of sport and living a life of faith by reading the whole blog:
Tour de France: Evangelization on Two Wheels.

Introducing Fr. Murray McDermott, CR!

Today we welcome our new pastor, Fr. Murray McDermott, CR!

Although our parish is able to offer Mass again, this is still a time of pandemic and we know that many of our parishioners are unable to join us in person. So we wanted to introduce you to our new pastor by offering a video that was created in 2017 to celebrate Fr. Murray’s 40th Anniversary of Ordination.

St. Francis Parish has been blessed to have wonderful shepherds over the years, and we look forward to many more with Fr. Murray to guide us.