The Pope’s Dream – For a Synodal Church

Letter from Bishop Crosby to the Parishioners of the Diocese of Hamilton – Feb. 22, 2022

Your bold and honest input is needed.

Our Holy Father has initiated a Synod (Council) to which every member of the Church, the Holy Spirit and the Bishops are invited. Pope Francis wants your bold and honest input about your experience of Church. In walking together, listening to one another and discerning, the Holy Father trusts that the Synodal Process will lead us to proclaim the Gospel in a powerful new way.

The Pope’s dream is that among the People of God this process will plant dreams, draw forth prophecy and vision, inspire trust, bind up wounds, weave relationships together, awaken the dawn of hope, learn from one another and create bright resources that will enlighten our minds. It is not about changing teachings or doctrines of the Church.

As members of St. Francis of Assisi Parish, we are invited into this process. 
Bishop Crosby wants us to give our input, our observations, our experience, our insights and our concerns.  The Diocese has extended the deadline to submit your input until the beginning of March. There are two ways you can give input:

  • Online Survey – You can fill out a survey from the Diocese online by clicking here.
  • Paper Survey – You can contact the parish office for a paper copy of the survey and return it to St. Francis by the end of February, or you can simply write down your answers to the questions below and bring them to the St. Francis parish office and we will submit them for you.

I invite you to watch the introductory video below, and learn more on the Diocesan webpage by clicking here. Let your voice be heard!

Blessings and Best Wishes to all!      
~ Fr. Murray C.R.