Wholistic Restoration Series

Wholistic Restoration: A braided journey toward a more sustainable and reciprocal relationship with Mother Earth and each other.

Offered by the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph, this four-part series will be presented by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous practitioners in ecology, land-based education, and research. Together, we will strive to unpack our diverse worldviews, the process of learning, and understanding the connections between humanity and nature. The discussions will guide us through the journey of re-evaluating personal attitudes and assumptions, and the process of decolonizing how we come to know and what we perceive as valuable. The journey includes the process of decolonizing our knowledge and view of nature, reconciliation with all our relations, how to care for the ‘Land’, and opportunities and pathways to work together and give back.

This webinar series will be presented via Zoom from 6:30-8pm, with time for questions at the end of each session. To register, there is a suggested cost of $30 for one session, $100 for all four, or whatever you are able to contribute.

Deadline to register for all four sessions is November 22.

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