Commemoration of All Souls

Since the early Church, Christians have prayed for the dead. By the 7th century, some monastic foundations reserved this day [November 2nd] to pray for deceased members and benefactors. In 988, Odilo, abbot of the great monastery of Cluny in France, established the tradition of keeping, “with joyous affection, the memory of all the faithful departed who have lived from the beginning of the world until the end.”

~ Living With Christ, Nov. 2021

Tonight at 7:00pm we will celebrate our annual All Souls Memorial Mass, during which we will pray for all our faithful departed, and especially those parishioners who have passed away over the last year. If you would like to join us there is still room, please just come to the church in time for 7pm Mass.

Below is our virtual Book of Life. As we enter the month of November we invite you to write the names of your loved ones who have passed to eternal life into our Book of Life. We will pray especially for all those inscribed in our Book of Life during all Masses in the month of November. If you are attending Mass in person you can write the names in yourself, the book is just in front of the sanctuary on the Sacred Heart side of the church. Please observe social distancing and use your own pen or the clean pens provided.

If you are not yet joining us in person and would like to have your deceased loved one’s name added to our Book of Life please email or call the parish office (519-745-7301) and we will write them in for you. This online Book of Life will be updated each Monday so all our parishioners at home can also remember all our faithful departed in their prayers.