Feast of St. Jerome

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Feast of St. Jerome event at St. Jerome’s University they are excited to welcome special guest speaker, The Honourable Graydon Nicholas, former Lt. Governor of New Brunswick, and current Endowed Chair of Native Studies at St. Thomas University, New Brunswick.

“I believe that Our Lord, Jesus, is providing Indigenous and non-Indigenous Catholics to a dialogue as a grace of understanding and healing the wounds of the past. This journey can only begin and continue as brothers and sisters if respect, love and enculturation is present,” stated Nicholas, adding, “what began in 1492, as evangelization, was wrong with misunderstanding, intolerance and too much pain. This was not evangelization at its proudest beginning. Jesus is a man of peace, love and acceptance. We can heal through prayer.”

They also look forward to presenting this year’s recipient of the Chancellor John R. Sweeney Award for Catholic Leadership, Steven Lubczuk. This event will be entirely virtual and tickets are broken down into one attendee viewing ($125) or two attendees viewing with a celebratory harvest basket ($240). As always, proceeds from this event will go towards student scholarships. You can find more information and register here