Entrustment to St. Joseph on Canada Day

Today is Canada Day, and with the continuing pandemic and the necessary restrictions still with us the Government of Canada has again put together some wonderful online resources for you to celebrate with your family at home. Click the button below for activities, a virtual fireworks display and a wonderful concert featuring Indigenous, French and English performers.

On this July 1st, Canada Day, and the end of our Novena, we invite you to entrust yourself, your family and our parish to St. Joseph, the Patron Saint of Canada. Let us pray to St. Joseph, that he intercedes for us to our Father in Heaven for an end to this pandemic, for justice and peace for all those who are hurting, traumatized and marginalized, and for us at St. Francis, that we may always be a “Christ-centred faith community seeking to be instruments of God’s peace.”

An Act of Entrustment
to St. Joseph

Sign of the Cross

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Act of Entrustment

O loving and humble Saint Joseph,
Protector of the Holy Family
and Patron of the Universal Church and of Canada,
we honour you as the model of Christian virtues
and entrust ourselves to you
as our inspiration and guide in living an authentic Christian life.

Modelled after you, whom the Scriptures call the Just man,
draw us closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
that we may easily turn to the Lord in every circumstance of our lives
and, consecrated to Him, we may know, in our vocation,
the peace and joy of a holy life.

A man of listening and of action,
you who have always been so attentive to the voice of the Lord
and to the fulfilling of His will,
help us to discern the signs of the times
and to engage in the transformation of our world.

Husband, father and worker,
in solidarity with the human condition,
teach us how to be faithful to our baptismal promises
and sensitive to the sufferings and needs of our sisters and brothers.

A man of great faith, unshakeable hope
and a heart burning with charity,
come to the aid of the Church and our country,
watch over the elderly, the weak and the infirm,
protect our children and families,
and sustain those who give of themselves selflessly in pastoral and health care.

Merciful and compassionate companion on our journey,
you who know the burdens weighing heavily on our hearts,
intercede for our many needs, so that, by your powerful prayer,
we may be delivered from the many dangers that surround us
so as to experience safety and solace in the Lord
and, at the hour of our death,
come at last to the glory of our eternal home.

Act of Entrustment Response

V. Joseph, who placed your hope in the Lord,
R. Pray for us.

V. Joseph, who experienced the unconditional love of Jesus and Mary,
R. Pray for us.

V. Joseph, whose poverty was turned into treasures in God,
R. Pray for us.

V. Joseph, who taught Jesus how to pray,
R. Pray for us.

V. Light of the Patriarchs,
R. You enlighten our path by welcoming the One who is the Light of the world.

V. Patron of the dying,
R. You accompany us on our journey into Life.

Final Blessing

May the Lord bless us, protect us from all evil and bring us to everlasting life.
R. Amen.