Novena to St. Joseph – Day 5

Saint Joseph, An Obedient Father


“Saint Joseph was called by God to serve the person and mission of Jesus directly through the exercise of his fatherhood” and […] in this way, “he cooperated in the fullness of time in the great mystery of salvation and is truly a minister of salvation.”

Patris Corde, 3
(Apostolic Letter by Pope Francis, 2020)


For an End to Racism and Discrimination
Saint Joseph, obedient father,
we ask that you intercede with your Son,
the Saviour of the world,
that we may be given the wisdom and courage
to address the persistent sins
of racism and discrimination
that we may work toward systems
that support the dignity of every person
and promote respect for all.

V. Blessed are those whose way is blameless,
R. Who walk in the law of the Lord. (Ps 119.1)


Leaning on Gospel values, use a pastoral and nonpartisan lens to respond to concerns of family and community members about racism and discrimination, policing and public safety.