Mary, from a Protestant View

Many of us have probably been asked by Protestant friends why we Catholics worship Mary, and although most of us likely know instinctively that the relationship we have with the Blessed Virgin Mary is not one of worship, it can be hard to articulate it to others. Today we invite you to read an article by Kimberley Hahn which recalls her journey to the Catholic faith, particularly her struggle to understand, appreciate and come to love Mary. Click the link below to read Mary, Our Mother.

POPE FRANCIS has launched a Marathon of Prayer for the month of May. “Guided by Shrines around the world during this month of May, we recite the Rosary to invoke an end to the pandemic and the resumption of social and work-related activities.” (Pope Francis, General Audience, 5 May 2021) Father Ian Duffy, Rector of our own Diocesan Shrine, the Basilica of Our Lady in Guelph, is joining the Pope’s prayer marathon by praying the Rosary at noon each day. You can participate in the daily prayer with the Pope by checking the Vatican website for a listing of Shrines, or pray the Rosary in union with Father Duffy at the Basilica in Guelph.

We also invite you to pray the Rosary (Joyful Mysteries) with Bishop Barron’s video below.