St. Joseph Our Protector – FREE Series

Are you all fired up this Easter Season and looking for more spiritual food? Pope Francis declared this the year of St. Joseph, and in celebration of that Good Catholic is offering a free five-part online series on St. Joseph.

Presented by Fr. Matthew Kauth of St. Joseph College Seminary in the Diocese of Charlotte, in this series you will learn:

  • Why St. Joseph is the perfect example for approaching Jesus and growing closer to Him
  • What it means that God chose this particular man to be the Protector of Jesus on earth…and how it affects us
  • That St. Joseph was not a frail old man as we often see depicted, but a strong, vibrant, younger man, rightly called the Terror of Demons
  • Practical ways to cultivate a relationship with St. Joseph in order to lead a good life and experience a happy death

Watch the introductory video and register for free by clicking the button below.