Conscience Rights in Ontario

As Catholics, we are called to protect the most vulnerable members of our society and to see the inherent value in every human life. We need to be concerned about conscience rights for healthcare workers. Many healthcare profess-ionals have moral convictions that do not allow them to participate in assisted dying. They are being pushed out of their professions by provincial health regulators that insist healthcare providers must par-ticipate in MAID. No one should be forced to go against their conscience

This is an excerpt from a letter Bishop Crosby sent to us, address to all Catholics in the Diocese. You can read the entire letter here.

Bishop Crosby is calling on all of us to take a stand and protect the conscience rights of our healthcare providers, people like the nurses and doctors at St. Mary’s Hospital, our neighbours, who are being forced to abandon their vocations in healthcare because they cannot go against their consciences.

Please, go to the Canadians for Conscience website. Watch the video, read the material and learn more. And please, write to your MPP and ask them to protect the conscience rights of healthcare providers in Ontario.
You can write to your MPP by filling in the form on the Canadians for Conscience website, it takes less than a minute!
Or click on your MPP below for contact info and send them a letter.