Living Frugally

Part of Pope Francis’ call to “stretch forth your hand to the poor” is to recognize that how we live our own life affects others.  There is no such thing as living isolated in today’s world.  How we live, the resources we consume and what we produce from them, affects the resources available for others, and what they are able to do with them.

The Working Centre (downtown Kitchener) has an incredibly informative website, detailing all the various programs they run and are associated with. They also have a section called Living Frugally.  Today we invite you to look through the resources in this section of The Working Centre’s website, and evaluate the way you live your life.  Are there ways in which you can live more frugally in order to leave more resources for others to access?

Pope Francis is challenging us to change the way we live our lives to create a more equitable world.  Let us start today by living frugally, so others can live.