Remembrance Day

It is a Remembrance Day like no other.  2020 has brought much loss to us all, loved ones becoming ill and some dying, loss of job or steady income, loss of social connections with family and friends.  It is important to recognize those losses, and then realize how very blessed we are.  There are many challenges today and tomorrow, but so many blessings too.

Today, we invite you to pause and say thank you to the men and women who stood up to defend the blessings we have, to defend our freedom and democracy, and to fight for peace for people all around the world.  We may not be able to go to the Cenotaph or march in a parade, but we can remember.  At 11:00am, please stop what you are doing, say a prayer of thanks and pray that our world may find peace and justice for all.

There are many ceremonies taking place in our area that you can watch on TV or over the internet, and the Waterloo Warbirds are planning a fly-over depending on the weather, you can learn more at the links below.

If you have never visited John McCrae House in Guelph, take a moment and follow in his footsteps with this online map of McCrae’s life created by Guelph Museums.