Happy Thanksgiving!

A Prayer for this Unusual Thanksgiving:

O God,
who love all you have created,
we are struggling in these unusual times.

Struggling to see the good,
struggling to have hope,
sometimes struggling to even survive.

But today is a day when Canadians give thanks,
so today we have consciously decided
to put aside worry and fear,
and really Give Thanks.

Thank you for our families and friends,
those who have stayed in contact
through even the hardest days of pandemic.

Thank you for our jobs and for our government,
for ensuring we have food to eat and a place to stay safe.

Thank you for the frontline and healthcare workers
who bravely go to work despite the risks
and strive to make the world safer for everyone.

Thank you for the faith you have given us
which sustains us when the world seems particularly dark.

God, you know how we are suffering,
and we know you love us and are taking care of us.
So today we ask for nothing,
today we simply say
Thank You.