Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

sjcThe Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a society of apostolic life. It was founded by a Jesuit father, Ferenc Biro S.J., in Hungary in 1921, and it is under papal jurisdiction. One part of the sisters belonging to the community lives together in communities, and others live on their own, but all of them share the same apostolic calling and mission, and all follow the evangelical counsels.

We are called to work with and among God’s people for the realization of the reign of love of the Heart of Jesus in the society – through family apostolate, generous establishments, social work according to the need, paying attention to the harmony of the body and soul, giving retreats and working in book apostolate through our own religious book stores. “Not to flee from the world but neither to seek the world but to glorify the world by using its resources according to God’s will under the reign of the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Fr. Biro)

The charism of our mission originates from the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola, as he puts it in his Spiritual Exercises: everything is for the greater glory of God. Our Community worked in Toronto, London, and Hamilton Dioceses. We are currently in Hamilton only, since the majority of Sisters returned to Hungary after the fall of the communists regime.