Sisters of St. John the Baptist

cssjbThe Congregation of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist, commonly known as Baptistines, is an international Religious Community. We are called to prepare the way of the Lord; to reveal and witness Jesus of Nazareth to the world in the light and hope of the coming of the Kingdom of God. Our Congregation’s spirituality and mission is the praise of God, the sanctification of our members through the action of the Holy Spirit and the service of our neighbor according to our common vocation and mission. We work for the glory of God as educators of children and youth especially the poor, the abandoned and those at risk. Our Congregation was founded in 1878 in Angri, in southern Italy, by a diocesan priest, Blessed Alfonso Maria Fusco and our Mother Maddalena Caputo, the first General Superior.

The Baptistines arrived in Canada on March 26th, 1962. Our first mission in Hamilton was at All Souls Parish. In 1967 we moved to Mohawk Road where we have a Children’s Learning Centre -Infant Jesus. In 2010, we opened a second community Waterdown where we do similar ministry with the children.

Today, there are 700 Baptistine Sisters, who have been “preparing the way of the Lord” in the lives and hearts of God’s people.  Empowered by our vowed love for God and strengthened by the bonds of Community Life, we seek through education, health care, and pastoral ministry to remove those obstacles which hinder people from freely accepting the Love and Word of God into their lives. We serve on 5 continents in 17 countries: Italy, USA, Brazil, Chile, Zambia, Canada, India, Philippines, Argentina, South Korea, Poland, Mexico, Madagascar, South Africa, Malawi, Moldova and Cameroon.