Pallotine Fathers

pallottinesThe Society of the Catholic Apostolate (S.A.C.), better known as the Pallottine Fathers, is a Society of Apostolic Life founded by St. Vincent Pallotti (1795-1850). St. Vincent strongly believed that lay people should play an essential role in the mission of the Church and, together with clergy and those in consecrated life, were all meant to be apostles united in Christ’s ministry.  To envision this idea, he founded in 1835 in his native city of Rome, the Union of Catholic Apostolate that would co-ordinate the apostolate activity of all its members: priests, religious men and women, and the laity. Pallottine Fathers, along with several Pallottine women’s congregations, are part of this Union. The idea of the “universal apostolate” was quite new at the time and only one century later has it started to be accepted and promoted within the Church. St. Vincent Pallotti was canonized in 1963 by Pope John XXIII during the Second Vatican Council.

The charism of the Pallottines is to assist all people in living their apostolic vocation in life. According to the Founder all people are called to revive faith, rekindle charity and be apostles. The Pallottines work in a variety of ministries including: foreign missions, schools, lay formation, shrines, chaplaincies, retreat centres, and parishes.

The total numbers of worldwide Pallottines is approximately 2,400 (priests, brothers and seminarians) and are ministering in 46 countries on six continents. In the Diocese of Hamilton there are 7 Pallottines from Poland and one from India. At this time the Pallottines serve in the following parishes: St. Agnes Church, Waterloo; St. Clement Church, St. Clements; St. Ambrose Church, Cambridge; St. Gabriel Church, Burlington; St. Anthony of Padua, Hamilton; Our Lady of the Assumption Church, Brantford; and Annunciation Church, Hamilton.

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