One Heart, One Soul Campaign

Bulletin Announcement October 18, 2020

Bishop Crosby has initiated the One Heart One Soul Campaign as an unprecedented effort to renew and strengthen each parish in the Diocese of Hamilton.  He believes that by renewing projects determined by the local parish, we strengthen our Diocesan Community – enabling us to evangelize more effectively, proclaim the Gospel more ardently, and draw more people in relationship with Christ.

The Parish is the place where no one is left out and everyone is valued. The Parish is our home; it is a family of families for our common faith and our common mission.  It is here that we celebrate moments of joy and it is here that we live moments of sadness and sorrow. The Parish is the presence of the Church in our midst: it is a window into the Divine and the place where people meet Jesus.  The Parish opens us to live what our Baptism is all about.

~ Fr. Murray C.R.

Bulletin Announcement October 11, 2020

Because Fr. Tim moved from St. Francis, the ONE HEART ONE SOUL CAMPAIGN, was put on hold. The timing was changed to give me a chance to get settled into our Parish. This campaign will officially launch in February 2021. Our coordinating team has
met twice so far in attempt to continue to work on preparing for the launch and successfully introduce the campaign to our Parish. Our hope is to provide you with
weekly information and glean some of your input and feedback as we continue our

In light of the Covid pandemic people’s lives have changed. The economics of the Church has changed and the economics of families have changed. This all has to be taken into consideration. Perhaps some of our priorities and goals will have changed?
This weekend we give thanks and praise to God for all of His bountiful blessings throughout our lives. May our loving God continue to bless you and yours and keep
you safe as we journey forward as ONE HEART AND ONE SOUL!

~ Fr. Murray C.R.