One Heart, One Soul Campaign

Bulletin Announcement November 15, 2020

In addition to supporting each parish, the One Heart, One Soul Campaign will provide additional funds to those parishes in greatest need- making possible for them what otherwise might not be achievable on their own.

Finally, the Campaign will build and enhance our ministries to those in need outside our parishes- bringing the unity of Christ to the many scattered peripheries of our world. Included are ministries within prisons, hospitals, universities, and amongst immigrants and refugees.

Since the first group of believers preached Jesus’ resurrection 20 centuries ago, Christ
has continuously called us into unity- unity with one another, and unity with Him.

~ Fr. Murray C.R.

Bulletin Announcement November 8, 2020

In the immediate aftermath of Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, St. Luke testifies in the Book of Acts that the first Christians were of “one heart and soul”.  This beautiful expression of unity gives us a profound image of the Church in her first years.   However, this is not simply a historical expression, providing a snapshot of the Church in the apostolic age.  Rather, it is also a vision for the Church in our time—a vision we will work to achieve through the One Heart, One Soul campaign.

The priority is each of our parishes-the spiritual homes of those who follow Jesus today.  The One Heart, One Soul Campaign will strengthen every part of our Diocese by helping parishes to identify their most pressing needs and inviting the community to participate in and support these priorities of parish renewal. As our parishes are renewed and strengthened, so is our Diocese.

~ Fr. Murray C.R.

Bulletin Announcement November 1, 2020

V. Rev. Wayne Lobsinger, Chair of the One Heart, One Soul Clergy Committee, in his letter of Sept. 16, 2020, responded to a number of concerns about the campaign continuing at this time. In view of the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on society, the economy and our parish communities, a number of people have expressed reservations
about moving forward with the One Heart, One Soul campaign at present. The discernment of the campaign’s Clergy Committee, Steering Committee, and the Episcopal Board is that the ONE HEART, ONE SOUL CAMPAIGN, is designed first and
foremost to build up and support parish life; it will be even more important for our parishes now than it was when the campaign was first launched.

Msgr. Lobsinger writes, “…that fortunately, the concern that parishioners will not be willing to support the campaign in this economic climate is not supported by what we have seen from the faithful who have already made pledges. The first two waves of parishes received a combined total of more than 6,000 pledges. Of those pledges only nine have been cancelled or decreased since the shutdown began in mid-March. This represents about one-tenth or 1 percent of pledges. In the same time frame, our parishes have received many new pledges-including some very significant ones. Clergy, Parishioners continue to be willing to support the campaign.“ May we move toward
beginning our campaign launch in February of 2021, as a Parish of One Heart, One Soul.

~ Fr. Murray C.R.

Bulletin Announcement October 25, 2020

The One Heart One Soul Campaign seeks to raise 35 million dollars to renew and transform every parish in the Diocese.  Each parish will identify the projects most important to them. Seventy-five percent of the monies raised will be returned to the Parish for projects identified.  Ten per cent will go to building up parishes most in need.  Fifteen per cent will go towards the support of hospital ministry, prison ministry, university ministry and out-reach ministry to migrant workers.

Bishop Crosby reminds us that the One Heart One Soul Campaign is more than fundraising. It is about “leaning in”, getting involved and working together.

He remembers that the early Christian Community shared things in common and lived as ONE HEART AND ONE SOUL.

 ~ Fr. Murray C.R.

Bulletin Announcement October 18, 2020

Bishop Crosby has initiated the One Heart One Soul Campaign as an unprecedented effort to renew and strengthen each parish in the Diocese of Hamilton.  He believes that by renewing projects determined by the local parish, we strengthen our Diocesan Community – enabling us to evangelize more effectively, proclaim the Gospel more ardently, and draw more people in relationship with Christ.

The Parish is the place where no one is left out and everyone is valued. The Parish is our home; it is a family of families for our common faith and our common mission.  It is here that we celebrate moments of joy and it is here that we live moments of sadness and sorrow. The Parish is the presence of the Church in our midst: it is a window into the Divine and the place where people meet Jesus.  The Parish opens us to live what our Baptism is all about.

~ Fr. Murray C.R.

Bulletin Announcement October 11, 2020

Because Fr. Tim moved from St. Francis, the ONE HEART ONE SOUL CAMPAIGN, was put on hold. The timing was changed to give me a chance to get settled into our Parish. This campaign will officially launch in February 2021. Our coordinating team has
met twice so far in attempt to continue to work on preparing for the launch and successfully introduce the campaign to our Parish. Our hope is to provide you with
weekly information and glean some of your input and feedback as we continue our

In light of the Covid pandemic people’s lives have changed. The economics of the Church has changed and the economics of families have changed. This all has to be taken into consideration. Perhaps some of our priorities and goals will have changed?
This weekend we give thanks and praise to God for all of His bountiful blessings throughout our lives. May our loving God continue to bless you and yours and keep
you safe as we journey forward as ONE HEART AND ONE SOUL!

~ Fr. Murray C.R.