Novena to St. Joseph – Day 4

Saint Joseph, A Tender and Loving Father


Even through Joseph’s fears, God’s will, his history and his plan were at work. Joseph, then, teaches us that faith in God includes believing that he can work even through our fears, our frailties and our weaknesses. He also teaches us that amid the tempests of life, we must never be afraid to let the Lord steer our course. At times, we want to be in complete control, yet God always sees the bigger picture.

Patris Corde, 2
(Apostolic Letter by Pope Francis, 2020)


For Peace and Unity in Our Country
Saint Joseph, tender and loving father,
we ask that you intercede with your Son,
the Saviour of the world,
that the people of Canada
may know the peace which comes from God
and be always united in a fraternal spirit.

V. As a father has compassion for his children,
R. So the Lord has compassion for those who fear him. (Ps 103.13)


Explore opportunities to contribute to the building
of peace and unity in our country and commit to
engaging in one of them.