Earth Examen – Week 1

An examen is a way of beholding an object or being in prayerful wonder. Through questions, you are invited to reflect on God’s presence and the goodness of that which you behold. During this Season of Creation, consider contemplating a part of your local ecology. Familiarize yourself with the theme. Prepare by taking time to consider how you can best open your senses to listen to the voices that praise God, and draw our hearts to God’s presence in that place of contemplation. This is an exercise that you can choose to do alone, or with a group.

Pick a natural place to contemplate. A forest. A river. A city street with a natural area. An urban park. A farmer’s field. A hilltop. A garden.
Find a comfortable place to rest in or near this place.
Enter into prayer in whatever way is natural to you. Invite Holy Wisdom to open the eyes of your heart. When you are ready, reflect on the following questions…

This work has been created by Sr. Janet Speth and Sr. Nancy Wales, members of the Ecology Committee of the Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada for use of our Sisters and Associates/Companions. © (September 2022) CSJ Federation Ecology Committee.