Bill C-7 on Euthanasia

BILL C-7 – An Act to amend the Criminal Code

 Expansion of eligibility criteria for physician-assisted dying

The Canadian Government is considering expanding the eligibility criteria for physician-assisted dying, or euthanasia.  This is:

Worrisome Because:
– People may have recourse to medical assistance in dying even when natural death is not reasonably foreseeable
– A person may waive their final consent when natural death is reasonably foreseeable, putting them in a vulnerable position

Disturbing Because:
– a questionable, biased and rushed online survey underlies this Bill
– it shows a systematic discarding of different points of view

Let us Affirm
– The inalienable right to life which cannot be taken away by others
– The importance of compassion for the sick and dying
– Our responsibility to protect the most vulnerable among us
– The possibility of relieving pain and suffering without resorting to murder

Let us Demand
– A public, transparent process open to a wide variety of voices
– A taking into account of inviolable moral and ethical principles
– To be heard!

Let us Act
– Be sure your member of parliament (MP) hears your opinion!
– Send an e-mail, letter, or use the electronic form here:

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