National Catholic Health Care Week Day 4

Day 4 Reflection

This week we celebrate the courageous work of Catholic health care organizations and our commitment to social justice. Catholic health care is committed to working with our partners to create the conditions for a just and caring society, where people’s voices are heard, and every person has the ability to thrive in community. With a focus on dignity, respect, and compassion, we advocate for service to individuals at times of their greatest vulnerability, and to create culturally safe environments of health and healing.

Reflection questions
• How have you advocated for those you serve?
• What do you believe is your role in advancing social justice where you live and work?
• How have the recent efforts to reduce racism in your community affected you at a personal level?

Life-giving God, we pray today that we would be courageous advocates for one another, that we would not be satisfied with systems and environments that contribute to illness and diminish our potential, but we would be bold advocates for justice and change. Like the congregations of religious Sisters who founded Catholic health organizations, may we have a spirit of boldness and audacity in to challenge restrictions and labels. May we be filled with courage, mercy and compassion. Amen