National Catholic Health Care Week Day 3

Day 3 Reflection

This week we celebrate the compassionate work of Catholic health care organizations. Catholic health care fosters a culture of encounter, where those involved in the healing journey are people first, and health care providers participate with those they serve with compassion and humanity. This culture creates awareness, both of self and others, and opportunities to build profound relationships and lasting impact on people’s lives.

Reflection questions
• Whose story can you really listen to today?
• How have you contributed to compassionate service towards those you serve?
• Is there a new awareness that you are being challenged to develop within our current social and health care environments to help you better understand and journey with others?

God of grace, the courageous gift of Catholic health care is an offer to journey with people, building transformative relationships. We pray for all people who serve our Catholic health care organizations – nurses, physicians, employees, volunteers. Give them your strength, courage and love to do all they are called to do today. Amen