National Catholic Health Care Week Day 2

Day 2 Reflection

This week we celebrate Catholic health care organizations’ calling to serve. That calling is rooted in the healing ministry of Jesus. As part of that calling we focus on healing body, mind and spirit. Catholic health care was born of phenomenal, brave, and audacious women of faith over 400 years ago. Today, Catholic health care organizations honour their legacy in meeting the needs of families and communities across Canada. Over 125 Catholic health care providers serve more than five million people each year in rural towns and urban centres across Canada.

Reflection questions
• What does Jesus’ ministry of healing and reconciliation mean to you?
• What is your personal calling?
• How do you show the love of God?

Loving God, we pray for those who are receiving care in our Catholic health care organizations, especially those who are most vulnerable. May they find empathy, compassion, and the love of God in the midst of health difficulties. May they see the face of God in those who accompany them on their journey. Amen