Novena in Preparation for the School Year

As our families, children, teachers and staff prepare to start a new school year that is so different from all others, let us keep them in prayer.  The Diocese of Hamilton has created a Novena for us all to pray in solidarity with those returning to school. You can access the entire novena by clicking here, but each day the prayers will be posted to our website as well, so check back here every day.


We begin our Novena with the Gospel of Jesus and the woman at the well. The story of a woman whose own encounter with the Lord is so transforming that she is compelled to tell her whole community. Many came to believe because of her testimony.

This is the story of Catholic Education in the province of Ontario. The story of women and men whose own encounter with the Lord has been so transforming that they are compelled to share their testimony.

Let us witness together to our faith that God is calling us once again to be formed as his people, his Body. We are called to be witnesses as we head towards the start of the school year, in a time of such uncertainty, that we can be assured that God cares for us, is with us, saves us.

On this first day of 9 days of prayer, we will join together – parishes and schools, staff and students, parents and grandparents, parishioners and community members and we will pray for the protection of all, for the peace of all, for the wisdom and courage for us all.

Our Novena will come to completion on the first day of school – September 8th, the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Bishops of Canada have dedicated our nation to Mary and have placed us under her loving protection as she brings our cares and concerns to her Son. The Diocese of Hamilton, including every one of our six English speaking and our one French speaking school boards, rests under the protection of our Lady of the Annunciation. Like Mary, let us ponder all God has done for us, let us be filled with the Holy Spirit, and let us always turn to her Son


+ In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let us be strengthened as we proclaim Christ crucified, knowing he died for us. We look
to our mother, Mary, Mother of the Church and protector, to pray with us and for us as
we head back to school this September.

O God, who gave us your only Son so that we may have everlasting life,
may we be confident in your love and mercy.
May we look forward to this coming school year knowing you are always with us.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.