Word On Fire with Bishop Barron

Have you run out of things to watch on Netflix and Disney+?  Are you trying to keep up your spiritual life in these last days of Lent, but struggling to find spiritual practices that resonate with you?  That is why we are trying to offer so many different options on our website. We don’t expect you to do everything we present, but hopefully one of these options will suit your spirituality.

Today let me introduce you to Bishop Barron, and his amazing website Word on Fire. The Word on Fire website has all sorts of content including videos, lectures and articles, homilies, podcasts, a blog, study programs, and much more. You can search through these different types of resources under the Resources tab.  Or if you have a Bible passage, or piece of catechism or saint that has always intrigued you, go to the Browse tab and search through all the different mediums for Bishop Barron’s take on your subject.  You can even watch daily Mass from Bishop Barron’s chapel.