Celebrating the Word together while we are apart

Celebrating the Word is a resource produced by the Congregation of the Resurrection which explores the Sunday readings each week and helps us relate them to our own lives.  According to the Resurrectionist website:

Celebrating the Word is a process model for faith sharing groups that is designed to replicate the Emmaus encounter. Most of us can identify with the plight of those two disciples. We know their experience. We have been there. And we need a place and a process that will allow us, as a faith community on a regular basis, to make connections between our life stories and the Gospel Story. As with those two disciples, we are assured that when we come together in faith and trust to make connections between our life stories and the Gospel Story, we too will come to experience the presence and power of God’s own Spirit: “Were not our hearts burning within us when He opened the scriptures to us.”

We have a group at St. Francis Parish who usually meet Monday evenings for faith sharing using Celebrating the Word.  Obviously we cannot meet in person these days, but this is a resource that could absolutely be used for virtual meetings!  You can access weekly copies of Celebrating the Word on the Resurrectionist website or by clicking here.  You could use this these as a family and discuss the readings each week. Or you could contact your friends and set up a virtual meeting using Skype or Zoom, or any video conferencing app.  If you have any questions on how to set this up please email us at St. Francis, stfranciskitchener@hamiltondiocese.com, and we’d be happy to help you get up and running!