UNPLANNED is a movie based on the true life story of Abbey Johnson, who was a leader in Planned Parenthood until she assisted with an abortion and was forced to rethink what she thought were the facts. Abbey has been a full time life advocate since that time. The movie is professionally done and puts forward the truth of Abbey’s story. The press has called it propaganda, but that is not the case. Teresa Hartnett of the Family Liturgy Office of the Diocese of Hamilton has taken part in two webinar’s that included the producers, writers and Abbey, and they deliberately stuck to the factual information so they could not be challenged or criticized. Their goal is to educate through Abbey’s story.

You can see this movie at Landmark Cinema 12 -135 Gateway Park Dr, Kitchener,  (519) 650-2958 beginning on July 12 for one week.

Please encourage people to attend. Consider taking family and friends to see it – we need to help educate people on the issue. Even those who are opposed to abortion often don’t understand the truths about it – this movie will help. Also, encourage or invite those who are in favour of abortion to see it as well and tell them you are open to hearing their thoughts after the movie.