Jesse Tree

The notion of the Jesse Tree comes from the prophecies of the great Old Testament Prophet, Isaiah. In his prophecies Isaiah proclaims that a new shoot will spring forth from the stump of Jesse (Jesse was the father of King David), that God will provide a new heir for the throne of David and that his kingdom would last forever. The prophecies of Isaiah are seen to clearly be pointing us towards Jesus – from the family of Jesse and David, Jesus would come.

The Jesse Tree, which begins as a barren, seemingly lifeless tree, will throughout Advent begin to come to life as it is filled with decorations and symbols depicting the stories of our faith that point to the coming of Jesus. As the tree grows into life its intent is to assist us in our preparations for Christmas.

The children of our Sunday morning Children’s Liturgy Program will lead us in this journey to Christmas. It is they who will prepare the items for the tree and present them each Sunday of Advent during the 9:00 am Eucharist.

You can use the Jesse Tree as an inspiration for your daily prayer throughout Advent by praying with the scripture stories that pertain to the decorations and symbols the children have prepared and placed on the tree.

Week One of Advent: Creation to Joseph

The Jesse Tree             Isaiah 11:1
Apple of Eden               Genesis 3:1-15
Noah’s Ark                    Genesis 6:5-8; 8:20-9:17
Covenant                      Genesis 12:1-5
Isaac Sacrifice              Genesis 22:1-18
Jacob’s Ladder             Genesis 28:10-22
Joseph’s Coat               Genesis 37:39-47

Week Two of Advent: Moses to Samuel

Moses & the bush         Exodus 3:2
Passover & Exodus       Exodus 12
Ten Commandments     Exodus 20:1-21
Joshua                           Exodus 2:6
Gideon                           Judges 6 – 8
Ruth                               Ruth 1 – 4
Samuel                          1 Samuel 3: 1-12

Week Three of Advent: David to Nehemiah

King David                    1 Samuel 16 – 17
Elijah                             1 Kings 17
Hezekiah                       2 Kings 18 – 19
Isaiah                            Isaiah 6
Jeremiah                       Jeremiah 7:26
Habakkuk                      2 Kings 24 – 25
Nehemiah                     Nehemiah 8 – 9 

Week Four of Advent: John the Baptist to Christ

John the Baptist           Luke 3:1-6
Mary                             Luke 1:26-38
Elizabeth                      Luke 1:39-45
Zechariah                     Luke 1:57-66
Joseph                         Matthew 1:18-25
Jesus                           Luke 2:1-20
The Christ                    Matthew 1:1-25

The children in our Sunday morning Children’s Liturgy Program have now prayerfully lead us through the season of Advent to the Eve of Christmas. Yet their job is not yet complete. They will now introduce us to Christmas. At the 5:00 pm Christmas Eve Eucharist the children will set up our nativity scene for us by placing the figures where they believe they belong.